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Subject: CRD:Robyn Hitchcock."The Ghost Ship"
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 "The Ghost Ship"  by Robyn Hitchcock   (lyrics & chords) 
The Ghost Ship haunts the sea 
to still come back and marry me 
   D                                                 A 
the rust is where her heart should be tonight 
  D                                                  A 
her face is where her fingers were tonight 
a glassy checkered engine room 
the speechless silence of the tomb 
  D                                             A 
the manuscripts inside the womb unfurls_ 
A girl _ 
translucent as a jelly fish 
that palpitates upon a dish 
     D                          A7               E 
she stings you with her gently falling curl_ 
       D                                       A 
and sinking in the waters green tonight_ 
   D                                              A 
I wonder where my love has been tonight_ 
---repeat chords 
The ghost ship changes course 
and on the deck there stands a horse 
who's munching on sardines and gorse and hay_ 
the captain draws a net across the bay_ 
The bubbles rising from the deep 
where dead men sing themselves to sleep 
from oak and coral they decieve to say_ 
you read my future like a chart 
see through my skin into my heart  
that flutters in my ribcage like a bird_ 
           D                                                 E 
and the ghost ship sails on in to some ones life_ 
---repeat chords 
The air from bottles forms into 
the skeletons of all the crew 
in white they dance against the blue and wail_ 
their curling bodys flail around the sail_ 
The figure head before the mast 
stares back into the golden past 
across the wrinkled sea so vast, forlorn_ 
she moans_ 
and flutters 'round me like a moth 
that beats against mosquito cloth 
and trys to eat her way into my dreams_ 
and sinking in the waters green tonight_ 
I wonder where my love has been tonight_ 
---repeat chords 
The melons on the riverbank 
are bulging through decaying plank 
the beauty is so warm and dank and light_ 
the captain wears a headless grin tonight_ 
and sillhoutted on a blue 
the cook,the mate,the boseman too 
they know not why or what they do at all_ 
they fall_ 
like masonry in the abyss 
that opens every time we kiss 
I hear their laughter echoe 'round the bay_ 
            D                                              E 
and the ghost ship sails on into someones life_ 
---continue with A7,E and  variations that trail off 'til the end. 
 Leave it to R.H. to write such a dreamy song. 
 If anyone knows anymore Robyn, Please post them !