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De Chiciro Street Chords

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Date: Wed, 28 Jun 1995 21:36:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: Terry Marks 
Subject: De Chirico Street by Robyn Hitchcock
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De Chirico Street, by Robyn Hitchcock
[The numbers in parentheses are fret numbers, because sometimes it makes 
a difference.  Fret numbers are taken from the high E string]
B(7)                                            F#(2)
I was followed home by a weighing machine on De Chirico Street
B(7)                                                        F#(2)
He said "What do you know"  I said "What do you mean" on De Chirico Street
B(2)            F#(2)     E
And the numbers turned to fingers
and the fingers turned to flies
and they buzzed around your portait
I was followed home by a seventy-three on De Chirico Street
It was advertising you and me on De Chirico Street
In the photograph we kissed
the conductor's name was Milo
as the bus went past he hissed "Fleshhead"
I hyena sprang, she was on all fours on De Chirico Street
and her outline shown through a piece of gauze on De Chirico Street
if you meet me by the clock,
I can kiss you through the window
Cause you love that suddden shock
Don't moralize
Get on with it
You can go now you've discharged all your responsibilities
On De Chirico Street
Where the sundial fell it was oh so black on on De Chirico Street
And a lizard's tail slithered in the crack on De Chirico Street
and the pale yellow globes flicker softly in your window
as you pace the night with strobes
It's the darkest stream in the whole wide world on De Chirico Street
It's a bat, it's a bat, it's a bat, it's a girl on De Chirico Street
In my pocket, nightmares dress
I said "Jasper, this one's evil
But I love my lioness"
My lioness

Terry "The Human Mellotron" Marks