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From: BAT0056156@ACAD.suffolk.edu

Here we go... the first Hindu Ringo guitar tab... I'll do my best

Hindu Ringo-Such An Englishman

I and You
(Words and music by Mark Bates)

the verse is real easy:

the chorus and solo are just:
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hindu_ringo/i_and_you_crd.html ]
just follow the tape, and you'll have no problem.
If you want a copy, just mail to BAT0056156@ACAD.SUFFOLK.EDU
or... HRingo@nebula.keene.edu

the words:

I'll sleep under the rising moon
I'll sleep hopefully for soon 
I'll pray that I will finally say
I'll die if I can't finally say...

You..you're making me feel like
You..you're doing me like you do
I know it's deaf to you
But I can't stop loving you

I'll sleep under the moon above
I'll live without ever making love
Thirty five hundred miles apart
I still gave you my fucking heart...



I'll cut open all my veins
I'll die screaming out your name
I'll live but who the hell will care
I'll cry but know one's around to here...


*p.s. one small part I forgot...after the chorus there is a 
little "breakdown" all it is is Em
I'll try to get the solo later.