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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 10:40:31 -0700
From: extex@iamerica.net (Paul Pfaffenberger)
Subject: Impermanent_Things by Peter Himmelman

Impermanent Things		
by Peter Himmelman
"From Strength to Strength"

 D           G         C
All these impermanent things
Dm           C       Dm            C
Oh how they fool me, dominate and rule me
Dm            C              G      Gsus4    G
They keep me waiting here forever 
 D           G         C 
All these impermament things
            Dm             C               Dm              C
Well their beauty's never-aging but their worthlessness' enraging
                 Dm       C                 G         Gsus4   G
You know we always stand alone when we're together

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    Am       G      F   Fsus4  F       Am         G    F Fsus4
So why keep hanging on            to things that never stay
F            Am        G            F                 C      G
Things that just keep stringing us along from day to day

 D           G          C
All these impermanent things
 Dm           C       Dm          C
Present yet elusive, passive yet abusive
 Dm              C              G       Gsus4  G
Tearing out the heart in utter silence
 D           G          C
All these impermanent things
      Dm           C               Dm             C
They point in all directions like second-hand reflections
             Dm            C                G          Gsus4   G
And they're leading me to subtle shades of violence

I think it's played about 2 keys higher on the album

There's a third verse also, but I can't remember it
If anyone can, feel free to add it

Paul Pfaffenberger
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