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Face Of God Chords

Alright... this is song is pretty easy to play once you get it....I'm surprised no one 
get this anyway here it is.

Standard Tuning


12x(fast) (I think) 4x(faster than before than before)   Repeat this 7 times

I Kinda didnt get it that much but what I have is good enough trust me
[--Em-][-G-] [-Em-----------------------------------------------|[-D-][-C-][G]  [-Em-][-D-]    [D]
---------------------------------------------------------2------| prechorus
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/him/face_of_god_crd.html ]
   C        G          D      GGG C (play those chords)
I'd kill to share your pain
(And carry the shame)
    C       G            D       Em
And sell my soul for you just to say

(play the intro here until said so)
I dream what you're dreaming
And feel what you're feeling
           C             G
Love's our shadow on the wall
         D                     Em
With the face ooooooOOOoooOOOf god

Interlude:I got lazy and didnt do a very good job on this but is sounds good
 (this is all in Em)               Repeat this as many times as it is played
D--2-let ring--2/4--0h2-2-2/4--0h2-|
A--2-let ring----------------------|
E----let ring----------------------|

Interlude : Just play Em like this( -v--vvvvv-vvvvv-- ) U have to mute this ok
figure out your own way onto how to change notes when you get to the pre.