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Here I Am Fathers Love Chords

Here I am (Father’s Love)
Hillsong London

 Dm  C F    Dm     C        F
Here I am, resting in Your love
Dm    C     F          D#   Gm7/D  C
All that I want is to touch  Your heart
 Dm             C            F
Your words are filled with grace
       Dm      C           F
Your presence fills this place
    Dm C     F
I know I am safe
       D# Gm7/D  C
In my fathers   love
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 A#         C          Dm
You are my hope and my refuge
A#         C        Dm
In You I know who I am
 A#       C             Dm
Father my arms are wide open
  D#     Gm7/D            C
When I am weak You are strong

A#          C           A7        Dm
All that I have Lord I give it to You
A#        C           Dm
I put my life in Your hands
 A#           C                A7      Dm
More than a friend You’re the reason I live
D#        Gm7/D         C
I’m gonna praise You forever