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God He Reigns Chords

God He Reigns - Marty Sampson
Key: G


G     D     C     G
Holy One, Holy One
D/F# Em    Asus4 A  Dsus4   D
All creation bows  to wor - ship
G    D      C    G  D/F#
Hallelujah Hallelujah
Em   A/C#  Dsus4  D
Glory in the high - est

D/C   G/B        C
I will sing I will sing
     Esus4  E   C 6/9   Dsus4
His prai - ses forever

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 D       G               Em D
God He Reigns, God He Reigns
  G/B C      G         Dsus4   D
Holy  is the Lord of hea - ven
      D# Em      Asus4
God He  Reigns, God He Reigns
    A    C      D
forever more

C   D  C  D

Chorus 2
                Am7   C
All I need is You
                G                D
All I need is You, Lord, Is You Lord (15x)

Follow what ever format you like, enjoy!!