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Hey this is just an easy version to play for fun.

Em                G                                      D 
Here in my heart you have found your place
Em              G                      D
Replacing fear with your freedom
Em            C                     D
You lift me up you lift me up
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Em                     G                D
When all seems lost in my brokenness
Em            G                     D
I call your name and you answer
Em               C                          D
Held by your love held by your love 


In the night
                       G                            D
Through the struggle through the trial
You have made my burden light
                G                             D
You have brought me back to life again

*********Same for second verse and chorus.**********


You won't let go
So I will follow
G                    D
All I am yours now and forever

You won't let go
So I will follow
G             D
With all I am