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Tear Down The Walls Chords

Artist: Hillsong United
Chords by: me (Joey)
Song: Tear Down The Walls
Album: A_Cross//the_EARTH
Standard tuning 

Since i looked almost everywhere for these chords 
i decided to just make my own for you guys and myself. 
I got all of the chords by ear so if you think there is
 something wrong or missing please tell me and i would 
love to fix it. i tried my best on this it sounds pretty
 much right and it's my first song posted so i hope it
 helps everyone. God Bless!

Verse 1:
Am                                                       C                 
Tear down the walls see the world Is there something we have missed
Am                                                      C     
Turn from ourselves Look beyond There is so much more than this

    Dm               C         G
And I donít need to see it to believe it
Dm               C         G
I donít need to see it to believe it
      Dm       Am         C            G              F             
Cause I canít shake this Fire burning deep inside my heart
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Verse 2:
Am                                            C
Look to the skies hope arise See His majesty revealed
Am                                                        C   
More than this life there is love there is hope and this is real

     C                  G                     Am                F                
This life is Yours and hope is rising As Your glory floods our hearts
               C                    G
Let love tear down these walls That all creation would 
      Am               F
Come back to You Itís all for You
     Dm   Am C           G
Your Name is Glorious Glorious 
      Dm  Am C             G
Your love is changing us Calling us
   Dm Am       C             G        F                       Dm Am C G                
To worship in spirit and in truth As all creation returns to You

       Dm                Am                C             G                 
Oh for all the sons and daughters Who are walking in the darkness
        Dm            Am                 C         G
You are calling us to lead them back to You
        Dm              Am             C                G
We will see Your spirit rising As the lost come out of hiding
Every heart will see this hope we have in You