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Manassas   Both Of Us  by Steve Stills/Chris Hillman
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Gm9           C        Gm9            C
Why can't you hear me  why can't you see me
Gm9         C                   G    F C G
How can you be so blind to this feeling
      G  F  C  G
In my heart
Gm9       C        Gm9          C
Time is a wasting  what have I tasted
Gm9                 C
How you turn a deaf ear to my song
G                   Bb9    C
Both of us bound to lose

SOLO over  Gm9  C

G                    G9   G                   Bb9   C
Why do we have to choose  both of us bound to lose
Gm9         C       Gm9         C
Now can you hear me now can you see me
Gm9         C                      G
How do you like the fool when he's down
F       C              G      F      C             G
Is that really how you see me just a statue making sound

G C  C G   G C C G

>From The Manassas LP  1972  Atlantic Records