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Where Are You Christmas Chords

Bb            F/A        Eb/G        F/A 
Where are you Christmas, Why can't I find you
Bb           F/A  Eb/G  F/A  Bb 
Why have you gone away,      Where is the laughter
            F/A       Bb          F/A        Eb/G   F/A
You used to bring me, Why can't I hear music Play
Eb          Bb/D      Eb        Bb/F
My world is changing, I'm rearranging, 
Eb             Bb/D      Eb   F  Bb
Does that mean Christmas changes too
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Bb            F/A          Eb/G   F/A
Where are you Chrismas, Do you remember, 
Bb          F/A     Eb/G  F/A
The one you used to know
Eb               Bb/D  Eb                Bb/F
I'm not the same one, see what the times Done
Eb          Bb/D     Eb     Bb  D
Is that why you have let me go OH

Gm                     Bb/F   D/F# 
Christmas is here everywhere, oh
Gm           D/F#        Bb/F 
Christmas is here if you care
Eb          F/Eb         Dm              Eb
If there is love in your heart and your mind
Cm                 Eb        Gm      F
You will feel like Christmas all the time

G   C          G/B        F/A       G/B   
Oh, I feel you Christmas, I know I found you
C         G/B    F   A   D           A/C#
You never fade away, Oh, The joy of Christmas
G/B        A/C#        D             A/C#  G     A    D
Stays here inside us, fills each and every heart with love
              D       A/C#                    G/B  A/C#  A      D
Where are you Christmas, Feel your heart with love         mmmmmmm