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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 22:03:51 -0800
From: Dennis Hiebert 
Subject: /h/hill_benny/what_a_world.crd

Title:   What a World
Artist:  Benny Hill
Chords:  C, F, G7, C7

This song can be found on the CD "The World of Benny Hill - Benny Hill
Sings?" which includes 25 of his comedy classics.  It also appeared on
an old vinyl recording, "The Golden Hour of Benny Hill."

Incidentally, C///\ = C chord strummed down three times and up once.

C///\ F///\ C///\ G7///\

Now it was [C]Christmas Day in the jailhouse, the [F]old man sat in his
"[C]Put out your pudding, for trico," he [F]heard the warden [G7]yell,
"If you want [C]trico on your [F]pudding, put it [C]out without de[F]lay."
The [C]old man put out his pudding, and the [G7]warden took it a[C]way.

What a [G7]world, (what a world) what a [C]place, (what a place)
Ain't you [F]glad you're a member [G7]of the human [C]race.

[G7] Now the [C]folksinger came from America to [F]sing at the Albert
He [C]sang his songs of protest and [F]fairer shares for [G7]all,
He [C]sang how the poor were [F]much too poor and the [C]rich too rich by
Then [C]he drove back to his penthouse in his [G7]brand new Rolls Royce

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[G7] Now [C]Annie's a shorthand typist [F]working for the B.B.[G7]C.,
[C]Her brother Jackie's in prison doing [F]three years for forge[G7]ry,
Her [C]sister Josie's in [F]Holloway, in [C]Dockmoor is her Uncle [F]Jim,
And her [C]dad runs a pirate radio ship, but [G7]she never talks about


[G7] Now [C]three old maids had a she-cat, [F]kept her indoors night and
[C]Kept her away from the he-cats, thought she'd [F]like it better that
Then [C]one old maid went and got [F]married, the next [C]morning she
   hastened to [F]write,
A [C]note to the others which simply said, "Let [G7]kitty out to[C]night."


[G7] Now the [C]button was pressed, the world destroyed leaving [F]just one
   solitary [G7]man,
And at the [C]top of the Empire State Building his [F]lonely existance
But his [C]loneliness was too [F]much so he jumped and he [C]fell like a
   bird with one [F]wing,
And [C]as he passed the seventh floor, [G7] he heard the telephone [C]ring.


PS- I don't know what 'trico' is, or if it's spelled correctly, but that's
    just the way it sounds. (c:

This is one in a series of Benny Hill songs I've learned by ear.  Most of
these songs have only three chords which makes it easy figure them out.  I
might have missed some chords or put the wrong ones down, but the basic
structure is there at any rate.  I welcome any comments, corrections or
suggestions for improvement.

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