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Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 22:03:03 -0800
From: Dennis Hiebert 
Subject: /h/hill_benny/rose.crd

Title:   Rose
Artist:  Benny Hill
Chords:  C, F, G7, C7

This song can be found on the CD "The World of Benny Hill - Benny Hill
Sings?" which includes 25 of his comedy classics.  It also appeared on
an old vinyl recording, "The Golden Hour of Benny Hill."

She's got [C]eyes that glow like [F]cigarettes,
   With [C]ashtrays under[G7]neath,
And [C]when she bites her [F]fingernails,
   Her [C]mother hides her [G7]teeth.
Her [C]general ap[F]pearance,
   Is [C]what you'd call off[G7]beat,
I [C]don't mind girls with [F]kinky boots, but [G7]she's...
   [N/C]Got kinky [C]feet.  [C7]

Oh there's [F]flowers that bloom in the summertime, the winter and the
But the [G7]rose that blooms in my heart, I love the best of [C]all.
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Now her [C]teeth are just like [F]pearls,
   Only [C]Pearl's teeth ain't so [G7]hot,
Her [C]heart is in the [F]right place,
   But the [C]rest of her is [G7]not.
Now, [C]at her birthday [F]party,
   The [C]cake, it wasn't [G7]bad,
And I [C]liked the 18 [F]candles that were [G7]on...
   [N/C]The slice I [C]had.  [C7]


Now she's [C]lazy, she's le[F]thargic,
   And [C]working she re[G7]sents,
She's [C]slower than a [F]nudist
   Trying to [C]climb a barbed wire [G7]fence.
Why she [C]talks so slow, one [F]evening when
   She [C]went out with her [G7]boss,
[C]Before she could [F]say I'm not that [G7]kind...
[N/C]Of a girl she [C]was.

Chorus twice

This is one in a series of Benny Hill songs I've learned by ear.  Most of
these songs have only three chords which makes it easy figure them out.  I
might have missed some chords or put the wrong ones down, but the basic
structure is there at any rate.  I welcome any comments, corrections or
suggestions for improvement.

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