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Why Not Chords

Hilary Duff
Why Not
2003 Hollywood Records
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C#m -   x46654
A -     x02220
E -     022100
B -     x24442
F#/Bb - x143xx
F#m -   244222

C#m A     E    B   C#m A
ayy yahhh yahh yahh
       E B
why not

Verse 1:
    E                  A
You act like you don't know me
         C#m            B
When you see me on the street
       E             A
You're making like I turn you off
       C#m                B
When I know you think I'm sweet
E                A
It don't have to be like that
  C#m              B
I guess you're insecure
If you say what's on your mind
I might answer "Sure"
     E              A
So I walk a little slower
      C#m               B
and I try to catch your eye
E                 A
Sometimes it's so hard to see
    C#m                 B
The good things passing by
E               A
There may never be a sign
   C#m           B
no flashing neon light
Telling you to make your move
Or when the time is right so

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Chorus 1:
C#m A   E            B
Why not take a crazy chance
C#m A   E          B
Why not do a crazy dance
C#m             A
If you lose the moment
E                B
you might lose a lot
   A   E  A    E
So why not why not

Post Chorus:
E       A
Why not take a crazy chance
C#m     B
Why not take a crazy chance

Verse 2:
    E               A
You always dress in yellow
         C#m            B
When you wanna dress in gold
   E                 A
Instead of listening to your heart
    C#m                 B
You do just what you're told
E                A
You keep waiting where you are
    C#m               B
For what you'll never know
Let's just get into your 
car and go baby go so

(Repeat Chorus 1)

B C#m A
Oh    I could be the 
one for you
B  C#m
Oh yeah
      A         E
Maybe yes maybe no
B C#m A
Oh    It could be 
the thing to do
   What I'm saying is
you gotta let me know

E           A
aww yah yah yah
E           A
aww yah yah yah

Verse 3:
You'll never get to 
heaven or even to L.A.
If you don't believe 
theres a way

Chorus 2:
C#m    A   E                     B
   Why not take a star from the sky
C#m    A  E          B
Why not  spread your wings and fly
C#m             A
It might take a little
    E               B
and it might take a lot
    A   E  A     E
But why not, why not

(Repeat Chorus 1)