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Loving You Chords

Loving You
Song by: Utada Hikaru
Chords by: Frandy F. Yuzon

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Intro: DM7-C#m-Bm-A (2x)

   DM7      C#m      Bm        A
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DM7    C#m   Bm
Loving you is easy 
Cause you're beautiful
DM7             C#m
every day of my life 
   Bm                 A
Is filled with loving you  
DM7     C#m     Bm
Loving you is more than 
Just a dream comes true 
DM7               C#m
Making love with you
   Bm              A
Is all I wanna to do 

La la la .....

Doo doo doo ......