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Second Chance Chords

Second Chance                    by Joe Denslow/Hidden Agenda

Am                           G                              Em                                          D
Did ya’ pack away.. your rainy days, and leave ‘em by the road, for some ol’ 
vag-a-bon, who’s lost his way….
Am                             G                             Em                                     
Did you find yourself alone again, with no one left to hold, seems you’ve 
D                           C
lost your only friend….

Em              D              C      Em      D          C         Em      D           Em                
Well, I will be your rose…. I will be your Rose….I will be… your second
  D                C
chance at love

Key change to C
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G                                                         C                                          G
Hand me down my walk’n cane and point me to the center of the sun.
G                                                  C                                                   G
Tomorrow we’ll set sail for… horizons that are only known to none.
            Am                                              G                
And we’ll bury all our sadness… at the bottom of the sea.
              Em                                   D                                  C
Where no one seems to know…. if it’s real or make believe…..
I will be your rose… I will be you rose…. I will be…. your second 
chance at love.

Key change back to Am  

Did you find yourself a broken dream, tangled by a web in a room full of deceit?

Now there’s no where left for you to run, so stand before the wind and I’ll mend your broken wing…

I will be your rose……I will be your rose…..I will be… your second chance at love……