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Let It Shine Chords

Let it Shine (Key of Bm)       Verses (Bm,A,G,D,A,Bm)  Chorus (Em,G,D,A,Em,Bm)
                                                    Instruments used
Verse1                           [6st/12st/delay lead/electric lead/strings/drums/Bass]
Bm                                    A
Forget about the reasons, Forget about the past
G                                                           D                            A
Remember all the good times, All the good times that we had

Bm                                         A
Walk away from the anger, Chase away those fears
G                                                 D                      A
Let’s talk about the future, And all our coming years

Instrumental break/ Giant Strings/Violins Em  G  D   A  Em G   Bm 
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Verse 3
Bm                             A
Set aside the sadness, Put away your notes
G                                                                         D                              A
Don’t Make a lot of nothing out of something, Something that isn’t so.

Bm                                                A     
Don’t hide your weakness, Your strong, and you’ll survive
G                                             D                      A
Your dancing on a tightrope, But your still alive

                     Em               G
And when the sun, does shine
                   D        A          Em             G            D
You let it, shine………shine on, shine on……you
                    Em              G                            D        A           Em           G             Bm
And when the Sun does shine…..just let it shine……..on down…on down .. on you

Instrumental break  Bm A G

                          Em            G                        A          D
…And when the sun does shine, its gonna shine on you.

 Electric Lead guitar solo/ To chords  Em G D A Em G D