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Something Happens
John Hiatt / Riding with the King 1983

         |E    /
I^Òve been jumpy
/        G^   A     |E / / 
 I wanna step on the gas
G         |D
Gotta ride out of
          |E    /  /
This place fast
G^  A   |E         /  /
She said red lite,
     G^   A    |E    /  /
I'll take those keys
G        |D
Out of my mind
     |E     / /
On my knees
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 b   A     G  c
/         |C        /  /
 Something Happens
    G           |c   /  /
And I don't know why
      G      |c    /  /     D        |G
Can't seem to get my future outta her eyes
         |C      /  /
Something happens
G        |c    / /
Never for sure
    G         |c    /     /       D     |G  / /
And if I could name this sickness I'd be cured
D     |E   /  / G^A |E (D) |
I^Òd be cured

Well she's long distance and it's alrite
Always this static on the line
Tear the phone out from the wall
G        |D              |E     |
But in my head I get that call

G               /
She don't wanna talk
         |/          D       |
She don't wanna talk to me
G             /
She just wanna look
        |/          D        |Bb |F |D |
She just wanna look thru me

It's a famine or it's a feast
Who's this beauty and who's that beast
Is it love or happiness
And if I do it will I confess


Note: small letters are VOX notes of lyric
  directly below

Duration Notation:
| = bar line; within bar lines chords divide measure
No bar line = chord gets entire measure's time
 / = play same as previous chord, beat or measure
/^/ or /^  / = split the beat (ex.:  /^G7 )

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