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My Friends Chords

The finger picking pattern is easy enough to figure out, it has an ascending
bassline at certain parts, which are marked in the brackets. At the end of 
the whistling part, start slowing down at last D and let the A ring out. If 
you have any criticisms or corrections, feel free to comment. Have fun, I 
sure did trying to figure it out!

A (F# G#)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hey_ocean/my_friends_crd.html ]
A                                   E       
My friends have different points of view
(E F) F#m             D            A                E~~
         And some are cynical, and some are just confused by the issues
A                               E
Sometimes we fight for days and days
(E F) F#m        D                 A               E~~                Bm
         Until I can't recall what I was trying to say in the first place

Bm                  E
But for better or for worse
Bm                                D                 E~~
   Whether whispering secrets, or shouting 'till my voice is hoarse
   A                    Bm
Of all the friends I've made
    A            Bm
And all the lost debates
        A                 Bm~~
There's none that I would trade 
For anything

A                               E
(E F) F#m             D            A                E~~

A                               E
(E F) F#m             D            A~~