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{Hey is one of the best Polish Rock Bands!!! If you`ve had a possibility of listening to them
I`m sure you`re impressed! If you`re interested in their music, but there`s no way for you
to get the record, you can write to me - I`ll send you some mp3 files. Bye! mr_cindy@poczta.fm}


a - 002210 lub/or 577555
a7- 002010 lub/or 575655
F - 133211
G - 355433 lub/or 320033
A2- 002200
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hey/ho_crd.html ]
Intro through the verse (przez zwrotk?):
      a                  a7        F       G               a   A2 a
E: I----0------0---0---I---0---0-I-5-5---I-7--7-7-10-7---I------------|I
B: I-----0------0---0--I----0--0-I-6--6--I-8----------8--I------------|I
G: I------5------5---5-I-----5-5-I-5---5-I-7-----------7-I-5-5-4--5---|I
D: I--7------7---------I-5-----5-I-------I---------------I-5-5-5--5---|I
A: I-------------------I---------I-------I---------------I------------|I
E: I-------------------I---------I-------I---------------I------------|I

Tego dnia czysto??       a a7
Zosta?a pogrzebana       F G
Razem z ni? leg? wstyd   a A2 a

Tego dnia upad? duch     a a7
Wygi??a si? do wewn?trz  F G
Bezpowrotnie elipsa ma   a A2 a

  Obrastam w si?? broni? si?          F G A
  Nie z?oszcz? si?, nie z?oszcz? si?  F G A
  Lubi? chleb, wi?c sobie zjem        F G A
  I po brzuchu si? poklepi?           F G a A2 a

Wczoraj zdo?a?am      a a7
Wr?ci? do ?ona matki  F G
Pami?? wraca dzi?     a A2 a

Co w niej jest czego nie mam ja  a a7
Pe?nia cz?owiecze?stwa           F G
Wiele kosztuje mnie              a A2 a

  Obrastam w si??... /x2