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could you please DELETE my .crd and .tab postings for
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Richard B (sorry mate, I lost your full address sometime during the EMI
episode) sends this new fingering which makes it much easier on the
fingertips- Nic :

Chords and fingerings that I use (ignoring the capo at first fret).  It
is far easier to move the first or second finger to play the F# on the
high E string

 C add 9                  C add 9 #11
e:---|---|-4-|---|       e:---|-1-|---|---|
B:---|---|-3-|---|       B:---|---|-3-|---|
G:---|---|---|---|       G:---|---|---|---|
D:---|-1-|---|---|       D:---|---|---|---|
A:---|---|-2-|---|       A:---|---|-2-|---|
E:---|---|---|---|       E:---|---|---|---|

 Dsus4                    D
e:---|---|-4-|---|       e:---|-2-|---|---|
B:---|---|-3-|---|       B:---|---|-3-|---|
G:---|-1-|---|---|       G:---|-1-|---|---|
D:---|---|---|---|       D:---|---|---|---|
A:---|---|---|---|       A:---|---|---|---|
E:---|---|---|---|       E:---|---|---|---|

 Em7                      Em9
e:---|---|-4-|---|       e:---|-2-|---|---|
B:---|---|-3-|---|       B:---|---|-3-|---|
G:---|---|---|---|       G:---|---|---|---|
D:---|-2-|---|---|       D:---|---|---|---|
A:---|-1-|---|---|       A:---|-1-|---|---|
E:---|---|---|---|       E:---|---|---|---|

Note: for Em7 Boo Hewerdine plays this chord with the D string open, but
I prefer the sound of the chord with the D string fretted.

 G                        Gmaj7
e:---|---|-4-|---|       e:---|-1-|---|---|
B:---|---|-3-|---|       B:---|---|-3-|---|
G:---|---|---|---|       G:---|---|---|---|
D:---|---|---|---|       D:---|---|---|---|
A:---|-1-|---|---|       A:---|---|---|---|
E:---|---|-2-|---|       E:---|---|-2-|---|

Intro and Verse:

| Cadd9   Cadd9#11 | Dsus4   D | Em7   Em9 | G   (Base string run [G A B
A] :|

Chorus: (instrumental)

| G   Gmaj7 | Dsus4   D | C   D :|  X 2
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hewerdine_boo/16_miles_tab.html ]
| E   Esus4 :|  X 4
followed by verse chords (..all those lives etc..)

Em9 ending with a run up the base E string to the G chord


Subject: /h/Boo Hewerdine/16 Miles.tab

16 Miles (Boo Hewerdine)

This is on Boo Hewerdine's second album, Ignorance. It's in Ab (capo at
1) both live and on the album. Below is written as though played in G at
the nut.

[Intro & verse] :

  (G)       C+2     C(b5)+2  Dsus4       D  Em7      Em7(+2) Em7
                         *               *               *






Just keep that tab going throughout the song (except the bridge).

Cadd2           *        Dsus4               *      Em7                *
D'you ever see London at night and not want to go   home ?
D'you ever take drugs    stay up late       just to see what you would
D'you ever have love and hate scratched  across your hand ?

                                                           or did you
round                      with     16         miles to go ?

Cadd2              *       Dsus4                *             Em7     *
D'you ever  just   walk     away    and      disappear for days ?
D'ou ever have a girl----friend       called            Catherine Wheel?
D'you  ever come home from work  and  say  I'm never going back again?
                                                         or did you turn
round                         with      16         miles  to  go ?

                         Heavy on the bass strings

X32033 - Cadd2
X32032 - C(b5)add2  -  'flattened fifth'
XX0233 - Dsus4
XX0232 - D
022033 - Em7
022033 - Em7add2
320033 - G
022100 - E
022200 - Esus4

The trick is to fret the B and e strings 'the wrong way round' (i.e.
pinky on B string, 3rd finger on e string) so you can slide down to the
second fret on the e string for the last beat in each bar (marked *

E.G. for A Cadd2 going to C(b5)add2 (second bar)
   | | | | | |
   | | | | | |
   | | | | | |
   | | | | | |

I think that's about it, any comments (or better chord names!) welcome.