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Dias De Borrasca Tab

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Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 01:01:30 -0400
From: Scott Hill 
Subject: h/heroes_del_silencio/dias_de_borrasca.tab

Dias De Borrasca

Artist: Heroes Del Silencio
Album : Avalancha
Music : Juan Valdivia
EMI Records

Bagpipe Intro:

Guitar Intro:(play acoustic)

   A                C         F?
---2-2--------2-----2-------2---2--|   play 9 times
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   A              F5   C5 D5

al inocente lo linchan...
en la odisea del rencor el gran inquisidor
en el leal, leal cobijo

   A             D#   D5

al son de la calumnia
y el hombre guarecido, el hombre guarecido
de la soledad

That's it for now.  Please email me any fixes
or other Heroes Del Silencio tablature that you
might have.  Especially Heroes earlier years where
Juan had more classical influence in his music.