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Date: Sat, 22 Jul 1995 21:21:14 EDT
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                                              East West
                                          Herman's Hermits
                                      By Graham Gouldman

F       Dm     Am         Gm    Am          Gm     Bb          C7
East West over the ocean, perpetual motion, travelin' around,
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F    Dm     Am           Gm        Am               Gm     Bb
No rest, singing and playing, night out and day in doin' the rounds.

What a great life it must seem


F                        C7      Bb       F
But when I hear young voices singing out

            C7    Bb          F        Dm
the bells at home start ringing out

But I feel all alone

Dm                       C7
Then I long for my home.

Swell joints everything classy, nothing that's passe,
Only the best.
Lush girls ogling and eyeing, crying and sighing
this is success
What a great life it must seem.


Mom, Dad all round the fire, in festive attire,
keeping the day.
Aunts, kids all the relations,
this is success
what a great life it must seem.