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Charade Chords

Theme From Charade
Music by Henry Mancini
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer

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When we played our charade 
We were like children posing 
Em         F#7    Em         F#7
Playing at games, acting out names 
Em           Gm    F#7 Bm
Guessing the parts we played 
Oh what a hit we made 
We came on next to closing 
Em          F#7   Em       F#7
Best on the bill, lovers until 
Em            Gm F#7 Bm
Love left the masquerade

Em7  A7        Dmaj7    Bm
Fate seemed to pull the strings 
Em7      A7           Dmaj7   Ebdim
I turned and you were gone 
Em  A7         Dmaj7    Bm  
While from the darkened wings 
    E7    Em7        F#7
The music box played on 

Sad little serenade 
Song of my heart's composing 
Em        F#7    Em       F#7
I hear it still, I always will 
Em          Gm        Bm
Best of the bill, charade.