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So He Says Chords

So he says - Henry Ate

This is another wonderful slow song from Henry Ate’s/Karma’s debut album ‘Slap in the face’. The whole song is played in a nice, smooth fingerpicking style, all in style with the smooth setting of the song. In combination with a wonderful style of intertwingeld (is that an Englsh word?) voices of Karma & Julian, it combines to a very neat song. 
Once you mastered the playing, you should invite a friend in order to master and sing both voicings! 
If you are interested into more of these close harmony styles, I’d suggest the works of Crosby, Stills & Nash.

The Em chord is played like this (open strings!):	sixth - second - first
So you actually don’t have to use your left hand with this chord! 

The Em/D is played almost like the Em: 	fourth - second - first.

The D/B is played like this:	first string: 	second fret
				second string:	third fret
				third string:	open
				fifth string:	second fret


Em		Cadd9
Em 	Em/D	Cadd9

Em		Cadd9
Loses his mind to thought

(Cadd9)				       Em
Picking up pieces pictures that stare lie scattered in his head

		        Em/D		Cadd9
Touches his brow and liberty strikes him dead

Last weeks papers reads just like yesterdays news

Em		Em/D
Sits at the table, shoots from the hip 

Cadd9				      Em
Stares at the ceiling losing his grip but now …

Em		     Em/D
Caught in lost state, fighting for air

He understands, so he says
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/henry_ate/so_he_says_crd.html ]
Silence provokes him, noise is his safety

He hides from the corner and cries 

Em		        Em/D
Resorts to his reading, tapping his desk

Shoots from the hip and smiles

Em		        Em/D			
Caught in a lost state, fighting for air 

He understands, so he says

Em	Em/D	Cadd9
 	      so he says


He’s on the up and up 

D/B		  Cadd9
Falling fast ‘cause she’s not coming back

G5		   D/B	        Cadd9		
He understood and waves goodbye

G5	     D/B		Cadd9
Reality just spat on his desires

G5		D/B
He understands

He’s losing his mind again

Pity the day to sleep
Closes his eyes, wishes his death, the angels smile
He’s not saying to much these days
Relies on his eyes to convey the story of his mind

Sits on the table, drunk of his tears
Thinking about the time he gave into his fears but now …
Caught in a lost lane fighting for air 
He understands, so he says
Losing his mind again


	   Am  D	
It’s all too real now

	G	D/F#  	Em
But it’s coming over 	him

	   Am  D
It’s all too real now

	G         D/F#   Em
But he’ll take it any  -  way

Cadd9		D
He understands and says


Am 	D	  G	D/F#	Em	Cadd9		D	G ….	     
   	      So he says	(So he says)

Caught in a lost state