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Pandoras Child Chords

Pandora’s Child - Henry Ate
Courtesy of Joris Van Gaal

This song has some nice chords which make intensively use of unfretted strings. In this way the strings do have a really nice voicings as is the case with ‘open’ chords. These are the ‘unusual’ chords that are used in this song. The lines represent the strings of your guitar with the high E on top and the low E on the bottom. 

Dots point out to where strings are to be fretted. Some dots appear at the most left vertical bar, which means that it is played as an open string.
So, the Esus chord below says that 3 strings are played ‘open’ and that the fretted notes resemble an A, E, B.

          Esus				Bsus					Amaj7sus


You’ll have to finger out your own fingering positions and then you’ll hear what a nice, rich chords these are. I’m not sure whether these chords are exactly the same as Karma’s, but I thought that these came close. 
And once you mastered these chords and the song, pay particularly attention to the way these chords are played, the rythym guitar. Good luck and have fun!]

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/henry_ate/pandoras_child_crd.html ]
Intro:	E	Esus	Asus	Amaj7sus	
	E	Esus	Asus	Amaj7sus
	Bsus		Asus
	Bsus		Asus

E	       Esus			       Asus	
A voice of darkness. Set your heart aside
Put away the black box, Pandora’s child
E		  Esus	     Asus	   Amaj7sus	
For those who see it may not understand

E		  Esus		   Asus
Still charming butterflies by candle light

On sundays selling roses to the moon
E		 Esus		       Asus	Amaj7sus	
For out of the darkness comes light

So I’ll stop pretending 
No reason to hide
Your envy progressing
        Asus       [hold]
The day I  met Pandora’s child

The earth turned backwards, I didn’t care 
The sun came out of the night to stare
For out of this darkness comes light

A voice of darkness warned beware into my arms
Remaining there
for if you love me don’t let go

And I’ll stop pretending
No reason to hide
Your envy progressing
The day I kissed Pandora’s child

These walls change color. Shapes set aside
Put away the black box, Pandora’s child.
For into the womb of a flower pours rain.
Pandora’s child so named remain

And I’ll stop pretending
No reason to hide
Your darkness ending 
For I’m in love with Pandora’s child