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Just - Henry Ate
Courtesy of Joris Van Gaal

This song is played with a capo at the third fret. The chords are written as if they are played without the capo. Note that in the chorus G and the D notes are continuously played on the high E and B strings, except in the Am chord.
This should result in several sustained chords, but it’s easier to let your pink and ring finger rest on those notes while playing the chords. Listen carefully to the chorus to get an idea of what I’m talking about.
The D/F# is the only ‘strange’ chord and is actually nothing else but a Dchord with a F# in the bass. You can play this note by using your thumb or with your index (but this requires a totally new fingering of the ‘normal’ D-chord).

			D/F#		200232	

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/henry_ate/just_crd.html ]
G		     		D/F#				
Lately I’ve been thinking what if we were wrong
	   Em			  C		     G
And the world never meant you and I to belong
We’d have wasted so much time 
	    Em				  C			G
Building castles in the sky only to watch them all fall down

Would it be all of our dreams so well suited to you 
And I could be half acquired
Would it be worthwhile?

	    G		D/F#
If I could just understand this
   Em			C			    G			
I might then try to forgiveness, know that I will
Each time I feel
	   Em				C		       G
You’ll be by, you’ll be by, you’ll be by my side in the end
We’ll still be friends
	Em				       C	
Ain’t it shocking how my sympathetic world amends
	G		  D	    Em		 	C
And in time you’ll realise I’m not what I seem inside
	Am		C		     D
I’ll go wild, 	I’ll go wild, I’ll go wild

Lately I’ve been thinking what if you were wrong 
And all the things you’ve taken were never meant to be gone
You’d have given a gift from above 
So freely having given a gift from above

And would it be all of your dreams 
So better suited to someone like me
I’d watch you achieve 
Wouldn’t that make me unhappy on the level thinking back