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Keep Me A Secret Chords

Keep me a Secret
Tabbed by Steve Moore

Very simple song, mostly variations on a high open E chord

Intro and Verse

Trying not to feel you but, you just brushed by.
A                                              B
And if you dare to cross that line you Know my toes will step on fire
Sizzle when its face on face and, skin on skin
A                                   B
I'm trying to keep you out and i'm,trying to keep you in

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A                                     B
One hundred million eyes behind these doors

Watching you hearing you knowing you


Keep me a secret Keep me out your arms 
        A                                B
Keep my kisses off you lipstick stop me swallowing your charms
Keep yourself a secret lock up all your doors
     A                                   B              E
I'll keep you out of my dreams just you keep me out of yours