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Tavern On The Corner Chords

Tavern on the Corner
Written by Glenny “Strings” Overschmidt
Performed by “The  Henchmen”


G                     D 
Tavern on the corner, she always calls me in
C                          G
To have a shot of whiskey, or a little nip of the gin
Em                             C
Its usually a beer though that I hold in my hand
D                             C           G
I don’t really sit much cause I prefer to stand

Verse 1 

G              D                                  
Greg & Ron are smokin’ Salem lights
C                G
Francis & Chezzy in political fight
Em                    C
Sammy walks in with a cigar in his teeth
D                      C                   G
Over there’s a Klenke, I think his name is Kieth
G                         D
Pork Rinds on the bar and hot sauce in my hand
C                               D              G
We listen to the jukebox cause, there ain’t no band 

Verse 2
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G                       D 
Cronin’s buyin’beer for everyone in town
C                              G
You’ll never see a bar maid in a skimpy little gown
Em           C
Larry or Tim usually set you up
D                     C                    G
With a bottle of beer or a clean chew spit cup
G                     D
Danny walks in with a brand new can of dip
C                       D             G
I always hit him up for just a little nip

Verse 3

G                     D
Produce on the table, pickled eggs behinds the bar
C                       G
There’s Johnny O’Conner he can’t drive a car
Em                       C
Tim’s sweepin’ up now so I guess its time to go
D                     C                       G
If we leave right now we could make the early show
G                     D
Inside Elmer’s Tavern the people are all friends
C                      D               G                     
As long as we go there the party never ends.