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Its Beginning To Smell Alot Like Christmas Chords

Well Hello Kelly Is a local band Please check them out @ www.myspace.com/hellokelly
Standard Tuning
Capo 5th fret
All notes relative to Capo

Artist Name - Hello Kelly

Song Lyrics - It's Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

I have no idea what the chords are actually called but oh well

E        - 022100
Esus2/Db - 044400
Abm2/E   - 066400
A2/E     - 077600

It just those four chords over and over.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hello_kelly/its_beginning_to_smell_alot_like_christmas_crd.html ]
It came upon a midnight clear
The feeling that we all know once it's here
With stars falling on this old narrow path
And a pearly glaze that's covering the dead and frosty grass
Please let me hold your cold sub-zero hand
In this icy winter wonderland

And it's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

As I put this star on the very top
Let's hold hands and remember all that we gained from his loss
I hope you wear those red bows in your hair
I think I've got some mistletoe around here somewhere

We'll wear the sweaters grandma made and sit down by the wood stove
Let's eat some leftover turkey and talk over hot cocoa
And we will walk outside and sing this song for every house that we pass by
God bless your friends and family on this silent night