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Another Bender Might Break Me Chords

Please this song using barre chords only.  The first measure of a chord is played with
the full barre chord structure.  The second is played by lifting finger one (the pointer
finger) only, but keeping the other finger(s) in place.    It gives this song its 
rollicking sing-a-along feel.

Intro: D (use the fifth fret double barre chord and alternate full chord with lifting
finger one.  This rhythm repeats the whole song)

I've been out on a bender since I can't remember, and lately it's startin'

to show.  Well the lines on my face is showin' my age and my mind's beginnin'

to go.  If I quit right now, some way, some how, and reverse the damage I've
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G      A
done.  But I'm lying to my fates, and it's far too late, to stop a bender

once it's begun.


D               G                                     D
Another bender might break me.  And it might take me down.  But that's a

           A                               D                      G
chance I'm takin'...and I'll take one more round.  So get out the gravy...and

                  D                            A                     G
we'll all get hellbound.  Another bender might break me, but it's too late

to save me right now.

Repeat verse and chorus for remainder of the song.