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City Of Love Chords

Hope you enjoyn it! Play it as fast or as slow as you want!!! 
Follow this pattern allthrought the verses

Verse 1
D             G             D A 
I'm walking down the street 
Staring at my feet 
And then I see you there 
Brushin your hair           OOh in the City of love 

Verse 2 

Whn I'm at the club 
Or I'm going to the pub 
Your always on my mind 
And I'm always your side 
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Verse 3 
It nearly made me cry 
When I saw you with another guy 
Will you notice when I'm gone 
Cos' I'm movin on 

E build up (Play Low E string on own first and build
            string by string) 

Only play bottom four strings when playing chorus 
   X X X X X X X
   X X X X X X X 
   3 X X 0 0 0 0 
   X 0 0 X X X X 
I'm staring at the sky 
Wondering why 
Why you left Me 
Cos' the hurt inside Oh I just can't hide 
Oh why Did you leave me 

Playing Order 

Hope it isn't to hard to figure out but it is my first attempt at 
writing tab!