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Light Years Chords


Dm A


Dm   Am        Dm  F  A
You, found me, drifting

Dm         Am           Dm                F    A
Big motion like a bird, strangest sound I ever heard


F                    A
Now, now that you're here

F            A     Dm
Stay with me light years

F  A  Dm     F  A  Dm
Light years, light years

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Dm        Am             Dm          F     A
No paper, no ring in the trees where frogs sing I

Dm           A
Ride lilies, for you

Dm                            F     A
Think of all the things we're gonna do



F            A
I gave you a thousand hours

Dm                 F       A
Making love in the tall sunflowers

F            A
I gave you a thousand feet

Dm             F       A
Down where the water's deep



Dm            Am
Sleepy storm, sleepy head

Dm           F       A
Lean forward from my bed

Chorus - repeat