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To Be With You Chords

Title: To be with you
Artist: HEart Evangelista

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Intro: Bm-D-G-D (2x)

 Bm         D
Hold on don't give up
 G                          D
Show me what she's done to you
  Bm           D
Stand up with confidence
        G                     D
A broken heart can't be that bad
        G                       D
When it's through, its through
        G                      D
Fate would twist the both of you
So come on bay, come on over
Let me be the one to show you

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Im the one who wants to 
 D       G
be with you
               C       D
deep inside I hope you fell
it too
          C           D
Waited on a line of green
and blue
    C               D
Just to be the next to
be with you

 Bm                 D
Build up your confidence
  G                        D
So you can be untied for once
   Bm                    C
Wake up who cares about 
   G                       D
Little girl that talk too much
       Bm          A
I've seen it all go down
 G                     D
Your game of love was all raine
So come on baby, come on over
    A7              hold
Let me the one to hold you
(repea chorus)

E Hold
Why be alone we can be together by
You can make my life worth while
And I can make you start to 

           G              D
When its through, its through
    G                    D
Fate will twist that both of you
Come on baby, come on oever
LEt me be the one to show you
(repeat chorus)
Just be the next to be 
 D    G
with you