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One Chords

Title: One
Artist: Heart Evangelista

             This is the new song of Heart Evangelista
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Intro: F-Fsus-F9 (2x)

 F               F9
One night, one kiss
  F               F9
Only one feeling exist
 F               F9
One breath, ne touch
 F               F9
But I've never fell this much
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 Am         Bb            C
And I wanna share my whole life
with you
    Dm                        C
Wanna keep on dreaming dreams
And with you make them all
come true
 Dm                      C
As I lay inside your arms and
rest my head
Upon your shoulder
    Dm               C
Believe me there's nothing that
 I can't do
 Bb              C (intro)
Whenever we're together

 F               F9
One time,one place
Dm             Bb
With my warmest sweet embrace
 F               F9
One joy, one pain
Dm             Bb
Only true love can sustain
(repeat refraib)

Bb                     C
I can never be the same girl that i
used to be
me face the fear in me
And you don't have to prove
yourself at all
And making wrong things right
  Dm              C
The fact that you love me, makes
everything alright
(repeat refrain 2x)