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Heart Of Darkness Chords

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Date: Fri, 02 Jan 1998 23:01:57 -0700
From: ademoor@netcom.ca
Subject: tab: heart of darkness by the headstones

okay, fairly simple song:  two progressions and three rythm patterns. 
listen to the cd to figure out the order. 

riff 1

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/headstones/heart_of_darkness_crd.html ]
riff 2              riff two has two different rythms at different parts of 
                    the song.  it's hard to describe rythms but all i can say
x--x--x--x-         is that the second rythm is more flowing, less sharp

now all ya gotta do is play those over and over.
if you can figure out the solos please post them.


(chorus:riff 1)
heart of darkness
heart of pain
heart of darkness and
it's swimmin' in my veins

(verse 1:riff 2:1st rythm)
sometimes i look around and i just can't belive
what a stinking horrible
motherfuckin' web
i weave around myself
i reach for my friends
seduced by the bottle
and the warmth of a syringe

(chorus:riff 2:2nd rythm)

(verse 2:riff 1)
i live my life
like a terminal patient
i don't make plans man,
just funeral arrangements
(riff 2: 2nd rythm)
like a con, goes down
for twenty years
remembers the faces
of the judge and the jurors

(chorus:riff 2:1st rythm)

(bridge:riff 1)

(verse 3:riff 1)
God loves me, same God loves you
same God loved hitler, man
and them 6,000,000 jews
(riff 2:rythm 1)
must be a con
who won't come down
from the mount
we do a death dance
he does a body count

(chorus:riff 2:1st rythm)