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Cubically Contained- Headstones
CD: Smile & Wave
Tabber: Mitchell (MItchell_J@hotmail.com)

Standard Tuning, with a capo 1st fret
This song is so simple, I'm surprised nobody took a stab at it before I did
I'm also surprised how long it took me to do it!

All 3 verses have the chord progression: D Em G D

Chorus progression is: G A G A G A

After 2nd chorus part: D C Em A (end this part on long-held Em)
(Correct me if I'm wrong during this part!)
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/headstones/cubically_contained_crd_ver_2.html ]
Chords used:
  D  Em G  A  C
e 2  0  3  0  0
B 3  0  3  2  1
G 2  0  0  2  0
D 0  2  0  2  2
A x  2  2  0  3
E x  0  3  x  x

I'm an avid tabber... and I have lotsa Headstones tabs, as well as 3 CD's.
I've noticed something about 3 of their songs off of the 3 different CD's:

Teeth & Tissue- Marigold- verse chord progression is D C G D
Smile & Wave- Cubically contained- verse chord progression is D Em G D
Nickels...- Above Ground Swimming Pools- verse chord progression is D A G D

Rather odd that they'd do that eh?? ahwell I think so anyway...

Tab originally from: http://diehardtabs.tripod.com