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           E                                Am
I was your Romeo by the ocean, you were my Juliet of the sea
E                                       Am
The moonlight sparkled in your eyes and danced on the waves in front of me
E                                            Am
Your blonde hair blowin’ in the wind drove a teenage boy half wild
E                                   Am
All I knew to do was just fuel that fire deep inside

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F                                 C
And every now and then I see your footprints in the sand
Dm                                 A
Feel your lips upon my own and I’m reaching for your hand

F                             C
Just too soon I realize those yesterdays are gone
Dm                                A
Time is full of broken dreams and my, how time has flown

Bm               D              A                  D
What I’d give to make all of my yesterdays tomorrow
Bm                  D                 A                      D
Seems that when the tide goes out, my soul will surely follow