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January Chords

			     JANUARY - Headlights
Tabbed by: stoptarts
Email: kwbartel@gmail.com

Capo: 1

Am - x02210
Em - 022000
F - xx3211 *
C - x32010 **
G - 320033

*occasionally, take your finger off the G string, 2nd fret (and put it back; not 
like a pull off, though)
**hammer on D string, 2nd fret

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/headlights/january_crd.html ]
Am  Em  F       C
January started slow.

     F      C
The coldest winds,
        F       C
and the deepest snow.

       Am  Em       F        C
You're all soft until we get home,

         F         C 
And the lights go off

     F           C
Even when you're alone.

    G                 F
And time just marches on...

    G                 F
and time just marches on.

Same chords for the rest of the song. Have fun playing!