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Forever And Ever Chords

Alright so this is my first post and its all by ear, so please feel free to post 
suggestions and improvements! LOVE this song! :)
<3 Lindsay

You can either play the chords: D - Bm - Asus - G
or for the picking pattern: its pretty much the same chord formation while picking the 
strings d-gd-b-g so example!

d chord:
   1   2   3   4
and same pattern just in the shape of a Bm, Asus, and G :)
lemme know if you want the full tabs!

Verse 1:
d       Bm        Asus
Home is where you are,
        g                       d
Kind of tragic that I left your side.
           Bm              A     g
Left your side, left your side     ......etc. etc.

Bm        Asus             g
  I gotta tell you how it feels now.

[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/he_is_we/forever_and_ever_crd_ver_2.html ]
          g           d
Youre my air, when I feel I cant breathe.
A                                     Bm
  Catching me, when Im tripping over my feet.
g          d               A
 Well get through this together.
          g             d
Youre my smile, when I just want to cry.
A                                 Bm
Make it all better as you kiss my sad eyes.
g           d         A
 Im giving you my forever and ever.

(NOTE::: if you don't like staying on the G from the end of the pre-chorus up to the 
beginning of the chorus, squeeze an A chord at "You're my" :)
I personally like it better without, it follows the real song.
Also, Asus is optional throughout the pre-chorus and chorus, I prefer just A.)

Instrumental: d-Bm-Asus-g

Bm                           A
  Sat down thought about it today,
     d                               g
If I only had a breath what would I want to say?
Bm                                 A
  Something sweet, something real, something real sweet.
 Thought real hard.
And only one thing,
A      d
  Only one thing,
g          Bm         A      g
  Oh only one thing, came to me.

(NOTE::: There's quite a few parts in the song that play the chords on the offbeat.
So as seen in the bridge, the A and G chord are played on the offbeat in the real recording.
So on an eight count, it would be like: Bm,Bm,Bm,Bm,Bm,A,A,A etc.
if it's easier to keep the rhythm by playing on the downbeat instead, go for it!)

if anyone would like to see the full song mapped out instead of just the main idea, let 
me know and Ill post the full thing!
 Have fun with it!