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My Opinion Tab

This is eventually gonna be tablature, for now it is just the lyrics.
My Opinion

Everyone i called stupid- It’s just my opinion!
Whenever i say you’re ugly-  It’s just my opinion!
Don’t cry ‘cause i say i’m better- It’s just my opinion!
Be scared when i say i’m stronger, because... It’s a fact!
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I know I talk like I’m a god, but you don’t wanna see me mad!                      
My opinion is my opinion, if you don’t like it, too bad!
But if you think that we suck, it’s ok, it’s what you think!
And if you talk behind my back, you might get my knee in your sack!

I say that you can’t play- It’s just my opininon!
I want you to go away- It’s just my opininon!
I say get outta my face- It’s just my opinion!
I say don’t bug me... don’t ‘cause i just might snap!


I say that you’re annoying-It’s just my opinion!	
I say that you’re a nobody-it’s just my opinion!
I say I think you’re gay-it’s just my opinion!
I say to go away, you should obey, otherwise it could get ugly!

*guitar solo*