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I Miss You Chords

Darren Hayes - Miss you
From album "SPIN" 2002.
Submitted by Chris Aaron. chris_aaron14@hotmail.com

Intro: F/Bb,,, C,,, Dm,,, Am.         the slash represents the bass note!
         F/Bb,,, C,,, Dm,,,
Give me a reason,
                F          C
Why i'm feeling so blue?
             Dm           Bb
Everytime i close my eyes all i see is you.
Gm                                  Bb          C

Give me a reason,
Why i can't feel my heart?
Everytime you leave my side i just fall apart.

And when you're fast asleep i wonder where you go,
Bb                                          C7
Can you tell me i wanna know?
Bb                                C
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Cos i miss you,
                F                C
and this is all i wanna say,
                Dm          Bb
I guess i missed you beautiful,
              F               C
These three words have said it all.
                  Dm                        Bb
You know i miss you,
I think about you when you're gone,
I guess i miss you nothings wrong,
I don't mean to carry on.

Intro Chords:   OOooooo OOoooooo etc

Give me a reason,
Why i can't concentrate?
The world is turning upside down SPINning round + round.

Give me a reason,
Why you now understand?
The beauty and simplicity of everything surrounding me.

You've gotta wave spreading magic everywhere,
Anywhere i go i know your always there,
It sounds ridiculous but when you leave the room,
There's a part of me that just wants to follow you.


It's such a hard life and most of the time i'm surviving.