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Date:Tue Aug 20 22:33:00 2002

Artist: Hayden
Song: Bad as they seem
Album:Everything I Long For

every tab i have ever seen on the internet for this song is completely
inaccurate. i am not sure if this is 100%, because it is just "my
interpretation" of it, though, when i saw him in concert, i am pretty 
sure i play it the same way.

anyways... lets get on with it.

like all hayden songs, you need to tune your guitar down a full step.
(only the low three are actually played, but sometimes to may hit other
strings, so i would suggest tuning them all)

after that, tune what is now a D, (ei. the low E), to an A.
you can do this in a few ways.
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hayden/bad_as_they_seem_tab.html ]
1. the 10th fret on the E string should be the same as your A string, 
2. tune the E string so it is the same as the A string being played 
   on the second fret.
3. pluck the low E and the B strings at the same time and adjust the E
   until it they are the same. (if you decided to tune all your strings 

(remember to do this AFTER you tune down one full step)

or however you want, those are just my suggestions... it has to be tuned
nearly perfect or else it sounds crappy. its a bit tricky... in fact, 
even hayden had a bit of trouble when i saw him in concert. (point of
interest... hayden used the second technique when i saw him, perhaps that
means it is best, *shrug*)

the song...


     Girl of my drea------ms.........
C--------------------------------------0--| Repeat.

Chorus:                         Fill:

 what do i do this for....       adore........
D-------------------------|     |----------------------|
A-------------------------|     |----------------------|
F-------------------------|     |----------------------|
C-------------------------| X4  |--------------------0-|  X2
G-7-7-7-7-/-9--9--9--9--9-|     |-2-0-0-00-0h2-0-0h2---|
A-8-8-8-8-/10-10-10-10-10-|     |-3-3-3-33-3---3-3-----|

So that's it... i hope you enjoy.
any comments, questions... nazzyman@hotmail.com.