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Bad As They Seem (riff) Tab

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Song:    Bad as They Seem.
TUNING:  Tune Guitar down a whole step(Or the three lowest strings).
         THEN tune down the low string to from a D to an Ab(i kid you not!)
         It rattles like a bitch, but thats how its supposed to sound.
Tab:     Carlos Bustos,  cab144@mail.usask.ca

[Main Riff]: Repeat
[Chorus]: Repeat
[ Tab from: https://www.guitartabs.cc/tabs/h/hayden/bad_as_they_seem_riff_tab.html ]

Please mail me if you play it different, or have the rest of the song.


From: "Derb" 
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 13:39:39 -0500
Subject: h/hayden/bad_as_they_seem.tab

Re: Carlos Bustos' tab for hayden's 'Bad As They Seem', I don't think
it sounds right at all the way he has it tabbed.  Here's my impression of how
the song should sound:

First, tune down the D and A strings one full step, and then tune the
low E down to a G, not an Ab.  Now the two low strings should sound exactly
one octave apart, in G.


The introduction of the tab is correct and sounds perfect with the
low string modification, but there needs to be a slight change in the chorus
and 'end' sections.  Instead of playing the verse on the 7th and 8th frets,
then the 9th and 10th frets, you should play the A string (now G) at the 7th,
but the E (now G) at the 10th.  And then play the A string at the 9th, but
the E string at the 12th.  As well, in the transition or 'end' part, instead
of 2nd and 3rd fret, play 2nd and 5th fret.  (Essentially you're just playing
all the notes on the low G string two frets higher.)  

I'm sure you'll find this a lot better, and also a lot easier to tune
in and out from.