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Overkill Chords

This is the acoustic version of overkill i took from colin hay on "scrubs" episode.  not sure if it 100% right but i think it sounds pretty good.  Capo it to fit your singing key.

Men At Work     ------    Overkill

Intro: D Dsus D
         G Gsus G

D            D/C#   
I can't get to sleep

C                 G/B
I think about the implications

D              D/C#
Of diving in too deep
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C                G/B
And possibly the complications

D            D/C#
Especially at night

C            G/B
I worry over situations

D             D/C#
I know will be alright

C                   G/B
Perahaps it's just imagination

Bm		A   Asus
Day after day it reappears

Bm			        A1          A
Night after night my heartbeat, shows the fear

F#7sus  F7		G       A		
Ghosts appear and fade away………..