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Speeding Up The Octaves Tab

Hawthonre Heights - Speeding Up The Octaves (Solo)
CD: The Silence In Black And White
Victory Records
Tabbed By: Kyle Colby
Email: embracing_abiosis13@hotmail.com

Hey this is a solo Micah has been playing on tour on the song Speeding Up The Octaves.
It is played on The Silence In Black And White CD but a little bit different. If you
ever get a chance to see these guys, GO! They can fucking rock! I got this tabbed out
at home by watching Micah at CBGB's on their new DVD "This Is Who We Are" And I was
recently at their concert and saw Micah play it again the same way, which is how I
got this tab confirmed, by the freaking man himself.
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Turn the volume way up and put the tone on 10 and blow your moms eardrums.
If your parents scream at you to turn it the F**K down, you've succeed.
And then turn it up a little more. 
p - Pull Off
\ - Slide Down                                             

Love you ~ D.Rae