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From: ecpark@mail.wm.edu (parker evan c)
Date:         17 Dec 95 02:01:12 
Subject:      revision: as_i_lay_me_down.crd

as i lay me down
by sophie b. hawkins
from the album *whaler*

transcribed by:         klaus tauber
additional work by:     evan c. parker

in the recorded song, all these chords are synthed to bizarre 7th,
9th, 39th and 647th chords.  the chords used here are not dead on by
any means, but are about as close as you can get on a guitar without
raiding the chord books.  the relative pitch is right, its just the
absolute pitch that may be off a little.

G D C               D                 Em       C
     it felt like springtime on this february morning
         G                    D            G       D
in the courtyard birds were singing your praise
C           D                  Em              C
i'm still recalling things you said to make me feel
   G                   D
alright, i carry them with me today now

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    G    D      C       D            G          D                C
    as i lay me down to sleep, yes i pray, that you will hold me dear
    D                 G    D       C         D         G
    though i'm far away, i whisper your name, into the sky
        D              C      D
    and i will wake up happy

G           D  C           D              Em             C
i wonder why -- i feel so high, while i'm not above my sorrow
         G              D        G
heavy hearted 'til you call my name
D                   C                  D            Em
and it sounds like churchbells or the whistle of a train
               C               G                   D
on a summer evening I want to meet you there, i'm barely breathing...


G             D       C            D                G
it's not too near for me, like a flower i need the rain
                 D      C           D              G
though it's not real to me, every season has its change
           D                C
and i will see you when the sun comes out again


evan c. parker                 "big sky above me, a river inside of me
the college of william & mary      and i'm doubled up in love..."
ecpark@mail.wm.edu                                  - heather nova