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My Rose-Ole Hausner
I made This song for a special girl, it`s easy. 
On the intro you only pingerpick the verse chords.It`s a beautiful song for a beautiful lady.

Intro: C-Am-Em7-F-C-Dm-F-G (fingerpicking)
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        C                 Am
Verse 1.The first time I saw you
        Em7               F   
        You shined like a star
        C              Dm
        I stood there looking
        F                G
        So I couldn`t get far
Verse 2.I stood there looking
        only waiting for a smile
        A smile who could change the world
        and make all war stop awhile
        Am                     F
Chorus  You are kind, like an angel
        C                      G
        You are smiling, like the sun
        You are sweet, just like grapes
        And it seems like you`re having fun     
        You are my rose
        You are my rose
Verse 3.When it`s dark 
        And could outside
        You are warming up the cold
        and lighting up the sky
      4.The world is grey
        When you`re sleeping
        And it`s like heaven
        when you are awake

       Dm       Csus4       Am  
       If something`s going wrong
        G                   Dm
       Maybe it`s this song
       Csus4 Am       G
       I`ll be there for you
       If I see sadness in your face
       If you`re far away from grace
       then I`ll be there for you

       Chorus repeat

 Thats it. Its simple, but nice.