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Cry Chords

G           Em              C            D
I'm just a creep who thinks feelings are cheap
     G             D           G
so I break as many hearts as I can
    G          Em             C         D
and I'm just a clown who puts everybody down
        G           D         G
and I'm laughing as hard as I can
    C                D         
get out of my way or there's hell to pay
        G             D/F#   Em
and you don't want to see me mad
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C             D/F#
G          Em          C             D
I'm just a bot who can always take a shot
  G                 D              G
I feel no pain from words that you throw
    G          Em       C                D
and I'm just a dude who never learned to lose
        G                D            G
and you can't beat me so now that you know
I don't care what you say
I don't care what you do
    G           D/F#       Em
you bastard you coward you fool
       C      D        G
you're ugly I hate you goodbye

Thanks- this was just a test