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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 19:13:50 -0500
From: Adam Klein 
Subject: CRD: Tell Me - Corey Hart

Song: Tell Me
By: Corey Hart
>From The Album: Corey Hart

Chorded By: Adam Klein
            E-Mail: Adam_Klein@compuserve.com

Capo: 1st

Intro:  Drums, then F C Am G

F                          C   
Tell me that you'll always stand by me forever
Am                         G
You're the hidden treasure destiny has found
F			   C
Tell me that you'll always chase away the demons
Am                     G
You're the only reason that I’m still around
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F		       C
Through this tunnel of love
          Am               G 
I've been trying to see my way to the horizons
F	          C		   Am	     
When the night is long, your sweet voice
Carries me to the skies

F		           C
Tell me that you'll always hold my hand forever
Am                      G
Never to surrender, the dream we're fighting for
F		           C
Tell me that you'll always be my superstition
Am			      G
You're the one condition that I’ve been waiting for


F         C        Am                  G
Everybody wants to believe in love everlasting
F                   C           Am          G
We're all hoping to find what I see in your eyes

F	        	   C
Tell me that you'll always write me secret letters
Am		           G
Sleep under the moonlight, dance under the stars
F			  C
Tell me that you're gonna kiss me in the morning
Am		       G
Peaceful easy feeling, together we are one
F			 C
Tell me that we're gonna brave the storms together
Am			     G    F           C Am G
There is nothing better than love under the sun

F C Am G (repeat  a few times, then fade out)
Tell me.............